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SURF SAFETY AUSTRALIA  ( SSA ) is an online store that makes ordering safety gear easier for clubs and competitors.

Surf Safety Australia supplies SLSA Approved Helmets and PFD’s ( lifejackets ) for use by IRB drivers, IRB crew, surf boat rowers, ski and board paddlers. Surf Safety Australia supplies the best products in a timely and cost effective manner. All products are delivered to your door anywhere in Australia

Surf Safety Australia stocks brands such as Predator UNO, Gath, Vaikobi, Bern and ULTRA. All of these brands are highly regarded and used by surf clubs Australia wide.

SSA stocks brands that emphasise the comfort and performance that competitors and surf lifesavers consider essential.

The new Surf Safety Australia online store provides clubs and competitors with a wide range of products and a 24 hour help line. If information regarding size, colour, availability, bulk orders, delivery times are required simply email SSA at Surf Safety Australia staff will respond to your request on the same day.

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SLSA – May 18, 2015

The Surf Life Saving Australia Board has accepted a Report into the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in surf sports under conditions of heightened risk.

SLSA will commence a trial period where the lifejackets it has developed will be tested under competition conditions, using experienced surf sports athletes. These trials will be conducted in heavier surf conditions where heightened risk exists.

The lifejacket trials will be held for Surf Boat, Surf Ski and Malibu Board disciplines.  Surf helmets will also be trialled in Surf Ski discipline. This follows the successful introduction of helmets into surf boat rowing in 2014.

During the 18 month trial and consultation period SLSA will, in collaboration with Bond University, continue to develop a surf hazard rating system aligned to these specific disciplines. The rating system will be used in any decision to deploy lifejackets. This development process is SLSA’s response to a key recommendation of the coronial inquest into the death of Saxon Bird in 2010. The new lifejacket rules will come into effect on October 1, 2016, which allows for 18 months of trialling and consultation with our surf sport competitors.

This is consistent with the process adopted for the introduction of helmets in surf boat rowing which took place throughout 2014/2015.

“We have experienced three tragic deaths at the Australian Championships over a 17-year period, which is unacceptable to Surf Life Saving Australia. Surf Life Saving Australia has made a commitment to introduce lifejackets into surf sports across all craft events in conditions of heightened risk. The period of trialling and consultation is an important part of this journey” Surf Life Saving Australia Deputy President Ralph Devlin said.

“This has been a rigorous process.  Safety is paramount for Surf Life Saving Australia. We are committed to balancing safety considerations with enjoyment of our sport. Our sport is a key element in making our lifesavers rescue ready across Australia.”

The new lifejackets have been designed to minimise secondary risk, for example by allowing athletes to dive under broken waves and perform their activities unhindered. Crucially, the lifejackets will also ensure an incapacitated athlete will float to the surface in salt water and enhance any rescue efforts that are necessary.

“Trial and consultation for an 18-month period is designed to confirm that athlete safety is enhanced in conditions of heightened surf risk. We are talking about the combination of our risk assessment tool and the deployment of lifejackets for the improvement of athlete safety” said Mr Devlin

Surf helmets, for periods of heightened risk, will also be trialled in surf ski and IRB competition during the 18 month period.

Surf Life Saving Australia has also recommended all members use the approved safety devices during craft training sessions.

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